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How would you like to be able to send a 10mb document in a 50k email and fully track the customer's interaction with it? 


In today's digital environment, sending printing leaflet or brochure to your potential customer is inefficient and not cost effective. But not all your customer is willing to surf your web site to find out the bit information they need. eBrochure is proved to be the best way to combine the use of leaflet/brochure and interaction of a web site, and it is personal.  


Over the years, we have design and produced many brochures and catelogues. Recentlt years, more and more clients just want to have a PDF version of Brochure and they call it e-brochure. They send the pdf brochure to their customers and distributors through email attachment, but often have problem to send huge files if the brochure contains many pages and high resolution are required. Recetly we designed a catalogue for a London fasion label Jocasi - their Brochure and Collection catelogue are more than 50MB and made it impossible for them to send pdf to enable their customers/distrubitors to view the whole collections easily. 



However, There is another revolutionary way to distribute brochures and cataloges with rich content. We have turned Jocasi's static printing brochure into e-brochure and even can fully track their customer's interaction with it, e.g. who read this e-brochure, how many times read it, where are they from, traffic sources etc.











What to see more e-brochure? Click e-brochure sample - The Leonard, Hotel and Apartment, London or click brochure image below:


  • Put your cursor on the down-right corner 
  • Click when An arrow appears
  • Contiue to click the arrow to turn pages


Like what you see? Contact us today and we will turn your static brochure/leaflet into an interactive and fully trackable e-brochure! We will add navigation buttons, links into the brochure and can even add visual effects (e.g. reflection) too!


If you don't already have brochure/leaflet or want to add fresh content into your brochure, we also offer brochure/leaflet design service.




Another case study

Read more to find out how the San Luis Obispo County Visitors & Conference Bureau in California is using Mobular to distribute its destination brochure online.


Mobular (eBrochure) CASE STUDY:

 San Luis Obispo County Visitors & Conference Bureau


To see an example of the actual mobular brochure go to e-Brochure case study - and Under 'free travel guides - Newsletters - Special Offers' headline, Tickle Visitor Guide electronically available to you instantly. Follow the instructions and complete the brief registration to see how the Mobular brochure looks when it arrives as an email in your inbox.


Here's what Jonni Biaggini, Executive Director of the Visitor Bureau, has to say about Mobular:


"In a nut shell, we wanted to use the technology for a couple of reasons. (1) to distribute our guide to a larger audience (particularly overseas) in a faster and more cost-effective manner and (2) we wanted to get our travel guide into the hands of the last-minute traveler. Travel patterns have shortened considerably to where it is not uncommon for people to decide on Tuesday that they want to take a weekend trip on Friday. We know from previous conversion studies that our guide "closes the sale" over 50% of the time. And a significant number use the guide to determine what they want to do once they get here.


The benefits are also seen in the reporting function that Mobular provides. The data tells us which pages the consumer is visiting, which ads they are clicking on to, etc. As a result, we designed this year's guide on the most popular pages viewed. I like Mobular's technology best because I gather email data (the guide is sent directly to the consumer's email box) and there is no need for additional software to view the guide. And it is delivered very quickly!"




Jonni S. Biaggini

Executive Director San Luis Obispo County Visitors & Conference Bureau

811 El Capitan Way, Suite 200

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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