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Useful resources about social media, e-mail marketing and online content
Useful resources

How to create engaging online content


100 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas

Reference: Hopspot


Table of Contents
Content Creation is at the Core of an Inbound Marketer’s Job 3
Blogging Content Ideas 4
Twitter Content Ideas 9
Facebook Content Ideas 14
Creating Content is Just the First Step 17

How to Use Facebook for Business

An Introductory Guide on

How to Use Facebook for Business: Getting Started With Facebook to Achieve Business Goals

Reference: Hubspot


Table of Contents
Section 1: Introduction to Facebook 3
Welcome 4
What Is Facebook? 5
Why You Should Care 5
Facebook Vocabulary 6
Business Goals for Using Facebook 7
Section 2: Setting Up Your Facebook Profile 8
Personal vs. Business Accounts 9
A Tour of the Facebook User Homepage 11
Step 1: Sign Up for Facebook 12
Step 2: Edit Your Profile 12
Step 3: Join Networks 14
Step 4: Connect With Friends 14
Step 5: Share Content & Information 15
Step 6: Use Applications 16
Privacy Settings 17
Section 3: Using Facebook for Business 19
How to Set Up a Business Page 20
How to Promote Your Page 22
Facebook Groups vs. Business Pages 24
How to Set Up a Group 25
How to Advertise on Facebook 25
Understanding Facebook‟s EdgeRank Algorithm 29
Facebook Marketing Best Practices 30
How to Measure & Analyze Your Facebook Presence 33
Conclusion & Additional Resources 35
How to Generate Leads with Social Media

99 Tools to Help You Generate Leads with Social Media

Reference: Hotspot


Table of Contents
A Word from Jamie Turner4
The Social Media ROI Cycle4
Let’s Dive In6
Tools to Help You Manage Your Twitter Account7
Tools to Help You Manage Facebook7
Tools to Help You Manage Your Websites and Blogs8
Tools to Help You Manage Multiple Social Channels9
Content Creation and Integration Tools11
Qualitative Social Media Monitoring Tools (Sentiment Monitoring)12
Quantitative Social Media Monitoring Tools (Tracking and Analytics)13
Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring Tools (Quantitative and Qualitative)15
Tools to Help You Reverse Append Email Addresses to Find Out More About the Contacts in Your Database16
Sign Up for the 60 Second Marketer E-Newsletter17

Resources aim to help you

We put these useful resources here to help you indentify your business needs. By reading through the content table, you shoule know if these material are useful to your business.


Each e-book focus on one particular topic. We will send you the whole e-book once you become our customers - just buy one of our services, no matter how small, either a CMS web site, e-mail marketing campaign management, e-brochure, Facebook set up and design etc. - get in touch and tell us your needs


We have also put a video from New Media Social network where we are a member. This video explains "How to Create Facebook Interest Lists" - a new feature was inroduced by Facebook lately.


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