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SEO friendly Web sites with options for e-mail marketing and social media integration

Content Management System web sites is specially designed for SEO pourpose


According to the Australian Tourism Commission:


“A content management system (CMS) is a program that lets you edit your website’s content without needing to know any programming language. It is a must-have for all tourism operators.


So what are the advantages of having a web site which is 'powered' by a CMS?


  • You don't need any specialist IT skills to maintain your web site
  • This gives you control over your own site - update as and when you like
  • No need to rely on an external agency and pay each time you make a change
  • Built-in search engine friendly infrastructure - CMS web site was purposely built with SEO in mind


But surely this must cost a lot of money?


No it doesn't - 

We have designed web sites that are ideally suited for SME businesses (See samples)


We understand SME business cann't afford using agencies to look after their web marketing and it's essential for them to be able to manage some of the tasks by themselves.


The good news is that a CMS site does not have to break the bank and Maple Communication has developed minisite to suit small budget. However, minisite doesn't mean mini function - you will have a fully functional and professional looking CMS web site and they can be up and running in a matter of days and at an affordable cost, more importantly, you can have a minisite to start with, but they can be altered and mended at later stage to become a fully functional tailor made web site - read more to find out why our minisite is cost effective yet professional and has the potential to become a tailor made site. Furthermore we include an introductory CMS training course to make sure you can hit the ground running.


We also develop tailor made web sites that require high-tech features


For clients who have bigger budget and are after specific web functions, looks and high spec features, our web development and design team can deliver an individual site tailored to cared for all your demands. See

Tailor made web site samples



Please contact us to enquire about our CMS packages.
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