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SEO matters

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How to make your website work for you


Bournemouth University is offering a series of one-day e-marketing workshops to small rural businesses in order to help them diversify into tourism business and improve their online marketing. These workshops are supported by a Charitable organisation. In support of this worthy cause, Maple Communication is offering this web space to help to promote this wonderful online marketing training course. These training workshops will be facilitated by Dr Philip Alford, a senior lecturer at Bournemouth University and a recognized authority on e-marketing; Other professors and recognised trainers will also lead the training in one or two areas of digital marketing.


The workshops will run from 9.30am to 4.00pm and will take place in purpose-built training venues where possible, equipped with PCs and fast Internet connection. Tea and coffee and a light buffet lunch will be provided. At a cost of £45, the workshops are heavily subsidized; however there may be additional subsidy available through local funding opportunities. 


If you are interested in these workshops either as delegates or as organiser/venue provider please do not hesitate to contact us.  

If you are a delegate who already took part in our workshop but need pdf slides to fresh your mind, click

Slides download to access these training material.

What are the covered topics

With the growing number of people both buying and researching their travel and holidays online, it is more important than ever to conduct effective online marketing. Of course this means, as a minimum, having an effective web site, but e-marketing is more than just your Internet site and the workshop will cover a range of topics including:


• Email Marketing – this remains an underused opportunity for many small businesses

• Affiliate Marketing – how to identify and work with business partners online

• Search Engine Optimisation – making sure your site is listed in Google and other search engines

• Google Adwords – an introduction to ‘pay per click’ online advertising

• Effective site design – a range of practical tips for improving your web site

• Online booking – like it or not, a growing number of people want to book online

• Content Management – to use a web designer or have control over your own site?


These are hands-on, ‘how to’ workshops with the emphasis on practical skills and knowledge, ensuring you take away ideas which you can implement straightaway. There will be plenty of examples to illustrate the training. Delegates are encouraged to reflect on their own web site during the training and, with their permission, we can study and evaluate the site as part of the training day.

The work shop schedule

Bournemouth University have run a number of workshops for a number of clients including COAST Project ( ), Poole Tourism ( and Visit Wiltshire ( ).


p_in_cornwall_workshop.jpgImage on the left:

16th March 2009, 12 delegates from Cornwall attended the work shop. Most of them are B&B/self-catering Cottages owners. Over all, those delegates gave very positive feedbacks about workshop, were glad that they had been given an opportunity to reflect on their web site and took some tips/know-hows home to improve their on-line marketing skill. However there is one and two delegates wished that they could learn a bit more about e-mail marketing and e-newsletter.








Based on the feed back from previous delegates, Bournemouth University plan to run a follow up workshop focus on e-mail marketing and Google Adwords etc. to provide indepth knowledge about these topics which didn't have time to cover before. If you would like to take part, please get in touch.
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