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E-mail marketing portfolio

E-mail campaign management for
Beechfield House Hotel


Beechfield House Hotel is a country house hotel and restaurant with conference and spa beauty treatment facilities. It is also use as a wedding venue. We first had a long meeting with the owner and made big effort to understand the business. We then spent long time to segment the customers into different groups to ensure that each campaign is delivered to relevant audience. For example, we set up an automated e-mail campaign to send to couples who got married in this Hotel a year ago and created a special treat to invite them back to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.  Our effort paid off. Each campaign brought repeated business and drove big traffic to their web site. The campaign was especially useful to gain oversea visitors who wouldn't visit their web site otherwise. It is proved to be an ideal channel to up sell and cross sell.


The campaign is greatly integrated with other social media plantform and can be shared in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more therefore really strengthtened this Hotel's presence in social media platform.


See more campaign we did for this Hotel, click the following link:


Introduction offer campaign:


Wedding Fayre invitation - This campaign was a huge success. The mail was sent to 267 couples, initially only half of them opened the mail; We selected couples who didn't open the mail and re-sent the campaign. 200 attended with 6 weddings booked!


Gourmet Dinner Event:


Autumn newsletter 2011:


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E-mail campaign management for
Castle Combe Circuit


Castle Combe Circuit is one of the longest established circuits in the UK and today boasts modern facilities for competitors and spectators.


Castle combe had a very unclear customer list which came from all different sourses. We imported their list into the Mailchimp system and cleaned the list, get rid of duplicates and kept most of the profile information. Maple Communication had worked closely with them to build up an effective database with marketing segmentation. Their customer were segmented into 7 groups, e.g. classic car clubs and classic car customers, Racing Clubs, Bikers, Performers etc. so e-mails can be sent to any specifically targeted groups.


The newsletter on the right was sent to their Motorcycle customers to celebrate special events.


More e-mail campaign for Castle Combe Circuit can be found by click the links below:





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