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Web site translation

multi-language_site.png Web site in another language


Why do you need it?

  • Global environment demands muti-language web sites
  • Raise your company's global profile
  • Drive revenue from overseas markets
  • Avoid overly dependence on domestic market thus reduce business risk
  • Improve SEO in key overseas markets and drive large volumes web traffic


By working closely with our business partners and associations, we provide web site localization services in most major languages (English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Russian etc.). The web site sample on the right is a multi-language web site we have developed.


As localization is more than translation because it involves cultural adaptation and requires knowledge of the local culture, it may also require changes to the software product itself, above and beyond language translation; that's why Maple works exclusively with native-speaker professional translators to ensure that the modified product (software, website and relevant documentation) achieve the best quality for an audience in a different country, culture, and region of the world.


Our localization is not limited to the translation of your selling message. Error messages and other pop-up alerts and HTML elements like page titles, search keywords, page descriptions and "alt" tags need proper localization to ensure visitors follow the correct online path and to maximize search engine indexing.

We also handle the translation of all images and graphics.


China-UK business link: 

Elizabeth is a native Mandaris Chinese speaker and Maple can offer a range of services to help UK businesses take advantage of this increasingly important member of the BRIC countries. Whether it is providing a fully translated and localised version of your web site to attract the Chinese market or exploring business opportunites in mainland China, Maple can bring its unique blend of local knowledge coupled with online marketing expertise. Maple has a network of key contacts in China which can assist your business in exploring opportunities in this increasingly global market. These include the Topchoice Law Firm - a leading law firm in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing;  the Law Shield Information Co. Ltd  - an online legal service provider which operates a platform for Law and Accountancy firms across China.



If overseas visitors are important for your business, you may have to consider translating your core pages into another language. While the "Google Translate" tool has its place - you will be amazed how wrong your messages can turn out! Watch this funny video - not only will it make you laugh out loud, but also help you to understand why you need a native tongue!


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