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Whether you need large format outputs or single panels, it is our obligation to help you to stand out from the competition! Here are two exhibition panels designed for an engineering company. 1 2




Client: MTL Instruments Group

Client requirements:

  • Design two identical size 3034mm/2280mm exhibition panels ready for the company's press conference and exhibition in Germany. Also design four side panels to display company's name and web address.
  • With both panels being cut into four pieces of 747mm/2280mm each the art work has to ensure that the text (the title and company name) across the top of the panel is positioned/character-spaced so that the joints between the panel pieces fall between the letters, not through them.
  • Panel 1 should have a 3D affect, as if lit from two specific positions on the ceiling with additional natural light coming from the front. All the logos, icons and text must have perspective, and appear to be cut into the wood or stone blocks.

Design solution:

  • roman style colonnade was used to contain panel content with a blue sky image behind it strengthening the perspective
  • used Illustrator software to draw the original base of the panel and its Shear Tool to ensure the text and logos followed the perspective
  • shadows were carefully drawn according to the direction of lights
  • brought Illustrator file into Phtoshop to add special 3-D effect, e.g. text and icons curved style achieved by using emboss feature
  • incorporate company's brand element, e.g. logo, fonts and colour
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